The story of silicone implants and their link to serious health issues is not new.  It began decades ago, when multi-national chemical, biotech and silicone manufacturers  first identified a market …

THE D.I.R.T. COMMITTEE is the true story of one woman, but could be the story of any woman who was implanted with Dow Corning’s prostheses. Gail Hamilton’s story, from implant to illness and fight for survival, to investigation of incriminating Dow documents, to Dow settlement, runs parallel to the Dow Corning silicone gel breast implant saga.  

“At a time when people are fed up with big government and big corporations that drown out the voice of the everyday man and woman, THE D.I.R.T.COMMITTEE stands up and shouts on behalf of every woman who has suffered at the hands of Dow Corning or any other corporation that sells harmful products at the expense of women’s health and lives. In an Erin Brockovich sort of way, this book empowers all women and provides them with a voice.”

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