You are not alone in your concerns about PIP Implants.  We know they are a serious health risk for women.

Some medical experts give their opinions:

“Dr Kirwan has little but scorn for the way the government has responded. ‘For some reason, the government decided that this was a moral failing on the part of the physicians using implants – which is non sequitur, as the NHS had used them, too – and they had been freely and legally available.  It is very sad our government is so reluctant to take the blame. We depend on the government for analysing and certifying many things that are sold and if we can’t depend on it for this it is a serious failing.  Even if it was an honest mistake, it was a mistake and should be put right. This is a health crisis and the government is pussyfooting around with select committees to justify a conclusion that it has already reached.’ To him, the issue is very simple. ‘If it’s industrial silicone, and you don’t know what the potential risks are, it has to come out.’”

Breast Specialist Professor Laurence Kirwan

20.04.2012 ES Magazine

Dr. Grant Stevens outlines his concerns about PIP implants.

Grant Stevens, M.D., FACS, a board certified plastic surgeon and founder of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates is an international keynote speaker at the 35th annual Australasian Society ofAesthetic Plastic Surgery Conference.


Plastic Surgeon Mr Adrian Richards of Aurora Clinics talks us through removal and replacement of a set of ruptured PIP implants.

Mr. Adrian Richards MBBS, MSc, FRCS (Plast.) Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

Mr Richards was voted ‘Home Counties Leading Plastic Surgeon’ by The Daily Mail and ‘Leading Breast Surgeon UK by The Independent on Sunday.

Mr. Richards qualified as a Doctor in 1988 and for the last 12 years has specialised in plastic surgery. He has full registration with the General Medical Council No. 3286812 and is a Member of both the British Association of Plastic and Reconsructive Surgeons (BAPRAS) and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), the leading British professional bodies for plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery.


Dr. Charles Randquist, Victoriakliniken, Sweden

World renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Charles Randquist, gives his view on the final report from the UK expert group, regarding PIP-implants. Speech given at the 35th Annual ASAPS Conference in Darwin, Australia, July 2012.

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