If you have had breast implantation surgery and are concerned about your current implants what are the signs of rupture?

Implant Rupture

A silicon implant ruptures when it splits or tears. The following are some of the signs of rupture and if you experience any of them you should seek medical help immediately:

  • Severe pain in the breast(s)
  • An intense burning sensation in the breast(s)
  • Unusual or unexpected excessive swelling in or around the breast(s)
  • Deflated breast(s)
  • Any discharge from the wound
  • Temperature above 380C or 100.40F
  • Any unexpected lumps or aches which cause concern or pain.

Should any of these symptoms occur, contact your GP or surgeon immediately.

Source: My Health Portal

If you have PIP & you are in the UK, then you are entitled to see a Specialist & arrange to have your implants removed with help from the NHS.

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Currently the NHS will help women to remove PIP implants.
They will not not replace PIP implants.

NHS Choices Frequently Asked Questions for women in UK with PIP

Recommended Reading

American Expert Dr Susan E Kolb’s Book: The Naked Truth about Breast Implants: from Harm to Healing

We also recommend reading Dr Kolb’s Silicone Immune Protocol particularly if you have experienced symptoms you suspect are linked to your implants.

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