Removal Only

We are a group of women at different stages of care and treatment, some of us have opted for Removal Only and take a ‘silicone free’ route to health and recovery.

Here is some of the information we found helpful when considering Removal Only options.

Explant Info

Lynne Hayes is the inspiration and Founder of ExplantInfo Foundation.

“Explant Info is for the express purpose of helping others in their journey to Explant and recover their health after removing their Breast Implants and for those who have Breast Implant Complications or wanting to be educated before choosing a surgeon. As a collective community our aim is to inspire and support other women on their journey of Explanting and beyond. At Explant Info we offer a supporting community where lifelong friendships are formed and information is shared.

There isn’t a lot of information out there on Breast Implant removal/Explant, we are about informing you of your options.

Plastic surgeons’ offices are packed with women wanting bigger breasts, but you rarely hear about what happens afterwards. This site is a place where ladies can come and hopefully find the help and information they need to be fully informed in the process of getting Breast Implants, their removal/Explant and/or the common complications that can occur with Breast Implants.

I urge you to trust your instincts and know your body, do your research and ensure you’re in the right hands before you undertake any form of Plastic Surgery.

Get the facts ladies and do your research.

Love Lynne

At a time of difficult decisions and inevitable mistrust, women need access to good, clear, un-conflicted advice.   We know many women have benefitted from the help and advice found on Explant Info.





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