According to the British Expert Group Final Report commissioned by the Government and published 18 June 2012, the mattress filler in PIP implants is:

  • Not toxic

  • Not linked to cancer

  • No risk to women’s health now or in the future.

  • Patient reported symptoms are ‘unhelpful’

  • No further studies are necessary because all studies have reached the same conclusion…

They Are lying to Us

  • Chemicals in PIP shells and gel filler are TOXIC
  • LYMPHOMA is cancer of the lymphatic system. There is a well-established link between silicone implants and ALCL a rare silicone related lymphoma.  The death of a French woman with ruptured PIP implants from ALCL sparked the French Authority’s international alert.
  • The only figures the Department of Health are collecting regarding treatment are cost related.  The British, with more than 47,000 victims, are alone in failing to collect health data for further international scrutiny and study.
  • Doctors and patients report symptoms of severe toxicity, inflammation, immune system illness, disorders and stress.
  •  More recent and detailed studies from France, where nearly half of all 30,000 patients have been treated, show the data relied on and the conclusions reached by the British experts are deeply flawed.
  • Questions raised about conflicting interests of experts, over-indulged providers/stakeholders and lack of patient involvement unanswered by British Government, Department of Health and MHRA.
If you want to know the toxic truth about PIP implants…
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