The PIP Literature Review: June 2013

The PIP Literature Review: June 2013

UK News 18 June 2013 – PIP ACTION CAMPAIGN reproduces peer-reviewed studies to inform all those treating victims of the P.I.P. Implant fraud.

British women are left frightened and confused by the statements from the DoH and the MHRA. Referring to the Keogh Final Report of 18 June last year, they say:

“the advice from our experts still stands”

5 June 2013


Women want GPs, doctors & surgeons to review the literature for themselves.

Here you will find brief details of recent peer-reviewed studies, case reports and essays, with links to the full articles.

If you are unsure that the doctor or surgeon treating you is as well-informed about the developing P.I.P. Breast Implant health crisis as you would like. Just click the link below, print a copy of The Literature Review June 2013 and pass it on!

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P.I.P. Breast Implants
The Literature Review June 2013


Many British women are experiencing difficulties accessing the appropriate healthcare, treatment and monitoring they need. Instead of a constant review the emerging evidence, the British Health Authorities and the Health & Safety Regulator are in a state of constant denial.  They are quick to refute the concerns surrounding Regulatory failures and Medical Devices Fraud which have affected hundreds of thousands of women and their families worldwide. British women continue to suffer. They are expected to wait for a confirmed rupture before the the NHS will remove the implants.  This not only leads to a more complicated surgery but greater risk for the women.

Things have to change!

All PIP Implants must be removed.

Your support is appreciated.