PIP Free! What Now?

Moving On

We recognise, as women recover, many will be ready to put this terrible scandal behind them and focus on the things that matter.  Work, family, friends may have taken a back-seat while we were undergoing surgery or in recovery. When we start to feel better, it’s natural to want regain control of our lives and find the balance that suits us and our familes and get on with our lives.

PIP free, is where we all aim to be – back to our usual selves – closing one of the most significant and traumatic chapters in our lives.

It is really important that we stay in contact.  Or at least make sure we have a way of reaching you.  We dont think all our health problems caused by PIP implants will be resolved through removal. We know breast implants have limited life spans and future care and treatment is inevitable for most of us.  We dont believe the whole story has been unravelled yet so there maybe a need to get in touch again, a little or a long way down the road.

The most important reason for checking in from time to time is in support of the women who may still be waiting for treatment, or facing complications… we all know how stressful and difficult it is.

The British Breast Implant Register

For those of us that opted for removal and replacement (R&R) its very important that we register our new implants on a Breast Implant Register and in future that everyone has a Medical Device Passport.  Our Government is dragging its heals in implementing either of these European Parliamentary recommendations.  While the government takes 9 months to decide if we need either Register and/or Passports, we have created a Register which we can use to register our replacement implants until the official register is finally made available.

Add your details to the Register


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