Are you allergic to your Implants?

Are you allergic to your Implants?


There is a widely held belief that silicone is completely harmless in the body.  Yet women all over the world are reporting symptoms that appear to be linked to silicone sensitivity. 

Dr Sarah Myhill,  a British doctor, has seen & heard from many women reporting symptoms they believe are linked to their breast implants.  She uses a simple blood test to check the lymphocyte levels which could can provide an indication of the body’s response to silicone.

Lymphocyte chemical sensitivity (silicone) test

“This is the most sensitive test available in this country to assess the reaction of white cells to silicone in the body. It is a lymphocyte chemical sensitivity (silicone) test. This just involves sending a blood sample to see if the immune system has been activated against silicone. Dr MyHill’s impression of tests done so far is that the worst affected women have the highest levels of sensitivity.”

The test costs £160 and can be arranged directly with Dr Myhill and paid for privately. But victims of the PIP fraud would like to know whether our GPs will arrange testing as part of our treatment & diagnosis.  To help us, Dr Myhill has prepared a template letter which you can print out and take along to your GP.

You can find the template on the link below:

Dr Myhill’s letter to GP

If you still have PIP implants, or if you had PIP implants removed and replaced with other medical grade implants  but you are still feeling unwell, or if you are experiencing auto-immune problems, or if you are considering replacement breast implants, we think it’s worth checking your silicone sensitivity.

We are very grateful to Dr Myhill and our scientific advisors for taking our symptoms & concerns seriously & for their help.  We can learn from your feedback too.  The more we know, the more we can help ourselves & others!

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