Doing your Research?

Look for a qualified, experienced & registered surgeon

1. Check your surgeon is on the Register

List of Registered Medical Practitioners

This page provides information about the GMC online Register, which is the List of Registered Medical Practitioners in the UK. It provides a list of doctors and their status on the Register.

Show me the List of Registered Medical Practitioners


2. Is your surgeon highly qualified?

FRCS PLAST : is the gold standard

It is hard for patients to judge a surgeon’s ability from his CV. Those who are not on the GMC specialist register are often an FRCS (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons). This, however, is a basic qualification needed to train as a specialist surgeon in the UK. The gold standard, is FRCS Plast, which denotes a high level of training and proficiency in plastic surgery. 


3. Is your surgeon registered with an Association?

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS)

“Prospective patients need to be aware that Aesthetic/Cosmetic surgery is not without risks and they must ask every surgeon they see about their experience, training and complications.  No treatment is risk free. Having surgery by a BAAPS member cannot guarantee an excellent result but the public and patients can be assured that their surgeon has been examined in aesthetic/cosmetic surgery and has been deemed by colleagues to be of sufficient standing to become a Member.”

Many practitioners purport to be experts, but many are not even surgeons. Practitioners may boast impressive sounding qualifications, but these can have little meaning. Organisations associated with and preferably based in the Royal College of Surgeons will demonstrate acceptable standards of practice, i.e., those which you can reasonably expect of surgeons and doctors in general. Hospitals which have strong associations with NHS consultants and practice will also adhere to these standards and so offer some level of reassurance. The BAAPS can help you find a properly credentialed surgeon in your area.”

BAAPS publishes a consumer guide which can be found here:

BAAPS consumer safety guidelines


Find a BAAPS member

Search for an aesthetic plastic surgeon by region.



The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS)

BAPRAS is a democratic, membership-based organisation for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons working in the UK.  All Officers, Council, Committee and special interest group members are members of the Association and practising consultant plastic surgeons.

BAPRAS publishes a Patient Information Guide which can be found here:


Breast enlargement – patient information guide


Find a BAPRAS member


CLINICS & Surgeons to AVOID

Join PIP Action Campaign members on Facebook to discuss the track record of clinics & surgeons in the UK and Ireland. There are more than a few cowboys!!


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