The BIG Yellow PIP DEMO 16-18 March 2015

The BIG Yellow PIP DEMO 16-18 March 2015

The BIG Yellow PIP Demo
16-18 March 2015

We Are All in This Together


Millions of people worldwide are victims of health fraud. Health fraud is responsible for thousands of deaths and many more serious injuries every year. Individual stories appear in the world’s press and media every day.


Half a million women worldwide are victims of the PIP implant fraud, just a fraction of the number of women whose lives have been changed by medical devices crimes.

In addition to being victims to the fraud, PIP affected women are also victims of negligence. Neither the safety protections nor the checks and balances were in place to expose the fraud. Dangerous manufacturing experiments at PIP continued undetected for over a decade. Five hundred thousand women and their families are suffering unimaginable pain and anxiety as a result.

Despite the horror of the PIP crime, women with implants continue to be discriminated against and negatively stereotyped.

Women, their friends and loved ones globally are coming together in defence of their rights to dignity, access to healthcare treatment and future monitoring.


Is a series of international events scheduled over three days to raise awareness of the consequences of failed regulation and inadequate standards in medical devices. Women will make their voices heard.

We invite everyone to join in and Wear Something Yellow as well as take part in local & national events:




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