British PIP Scandal : Case Notes

British PIP Scandal : Case Notes

Little Has Changed Since 2013

The UK Government is still in Denial Over PIP Implants

As many as 47,000 UK women and their children have been exposed to chemical toxins found in PIP implants

Andrew Lansley, Minister for Health at the time the PIP scandal was made public, vowed to hold clinics responsible, Bruce Keogh produced several worthless reports, Lord Howe wrote a report in defence of the MHRA.
Are politicians & Department of Health making health decisions in the interests of patients? Or, are they providing a loop-hole for private healthcare companies to abandon their obligations and Duty of Care to patients?
The Department of Health and CQC facilitated UK & Ireland’s largest PIP provider Harley Medical Group to walk away from it’s PIP liabilities leaving patients to suffer and the NHS to pay the costs.

Harley Medical Group’s former Directors took the money, awarded themselves Director Premiums on the day the alert was raised by the Irish Health Authorities and recently sold out all their shares.  They must love Lord Howe & David Cameron who eased them painlessly through the crisis.

The discrimination and the negative stereotyping of female crime victims starts at the top!
Every NHS Trust in the country has been affected at a cost of £8m according to recent press reports.

305583_4880827178183_2023477567_nThe facts are:

– the majority of women affected are of reproductive age, some have been become pregnant and breast fed their children

– Some women have received PIP implants as part of their reconstructive surgery following a breast cancer diagnosis

– More than 80% of women with PIP implants have suffered symptoms

Limited tests on PIP show they contain:

– REPROTOXIC, Endocrine Disrupting octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane D4
– ACUTELY TOXIC and Carcinogenic 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane
– CARCINOGENIC decamethylcyclopentasiloxane D5

Recently published toxicology shows PIP contain more UNIDENTIFIED substances than identified substances.

Summary of UK Government Policy on PIP implants

Force sick and terrified patients back into the unregulated cosmetic surgery sector to boost business for private clinics.

For more PIP SCANDAL FACTS – review our 2013 Case Notes

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