PIP Implants: The Real World Evidence

PIP Implants: The Real World Evidence


Further to the European Commission’s Call for Information to review the available peer-reviewed evidence, PIP Action Campaign Members have taken part in a Health Survey and produced Real World Evidence to show the authorities the extent of the suffering women with PIP implants have been forced to endure.

Real World EvidenceOn Wednesday 26 October 2016 PIP Action Campaign addressed its most serious concerns to the European Commission. You can read the submission by clicking on the image to the right.

PIP Action Campaign is pressing for urgent changes to reflect the real dangers of PIP implants.

If the European Commission again fails to act to protect the thousands of women and their children exposed to toxic PIP Implants, the next step will be to take our claim to the European Court of Justice.

To join PIP Action Campaign members in the fight for truth, justice and redress, you can find us on the social networks: Facebook and Twitter

If you are struggling with symptoms and still have PIP implants, please get in touch, there are thousands of women who know how you feel and will be able to provide help, support and information.