Activate Article 8 93/42EEC

Activate Article 8 93/42EEC

Campaigners are Demanding Regulatory Safeguards are put into place to protect women with breast implants

On the 10th June 2016, in response to a request for an opinion from the MHRA, the UK health and safety regulator, PIP Action Campaign UK members wrote to insist the MHRA activate Article 8 of the medical devices regulations MDD93/42 EEC.

These demands came in response to a surveillance report published by Dutch authorities who, on inspecting the technical
files of the manufacturers of breast implants, found all to be non-compliant to a greater or lesser degree.

Now, the Dutch media is revisiting the concerns raised by the report.

Following the broadcast by on the 8th November 2016 about breast implants, the Health Care Inspectorate in the Netherlands has commented.