"Dear Emily"

“Dear Emily”

“More than 100,000 women and their families in the European Union have been affected by the PIP fraud” I am one of these women, this is my story…

PIP Action Campaign made a complaint to the EU Ombudsman regarding the treatment of the women affected by PIP implants. It is clear that the European Commission is not responding to the PIP crisis with honesty, credible science or compassion.

We are encouraging all women affected by PIP implants to write to Emily O’Reilly the EU Ombudsman with details of their own personal stories and experiences of PIP.


Emily O’Reilly EU Ombudsman

We want to let the authorities know the extent to which the current policy has added to the stress and horror of PIP for each and every one of us.

We would like everyone affected to take part and add their voice. Of course, the more women who write the better.

We know that behind every PIP implant there is a broken heart. This is why each “Dear Emily” letter will be a painful, emotional and a courageous act.

But we hope it will make a difference.

Lets write to Dear Emily and see!


Full details of PIP Action Campaign’s complaint to the Ombudsman, reference 174/2015/FOR, can be found on the Ombudsman website. In the final decision Emily O’Reilly stated:

“The Commission should continue to evaluate new scientific data relating to the safety of PIP implants.”

That’s what we want!  

PIP are not safe, new evidence available to the European Commission’s scientific committees include known repro-toxicity of substances found in PIP and links to cancer.

A full and proper review of the evidence will show in a clear and convincing way ALL PIP breast implants should be preventatively removed. Women need access to appropriate diagnostics & treatment. All those exposed to fraudulent, non-compliant PIP implants, including babies and children, should receive future & ongoing monitoring. Those affected should have access to and be updated with all new evidence and information relating to PIP implants.  There should be funding for research and patient support to manage the health, legal and financial implications of medical devices fraud as well as trauma support, which should be readily accessible to all those affected.

More than 100,000 women and their families have been exposed to PIP implants in the European Union and half a million women have been affected worldwide.

Discrimination, disrespect, deception & denial are not acceptable criteria for managing a health crisis affecting women and children.



To contact Dear Emily, the EU Ombudsman, please use the contact form on the Ombudsman website. You can type into the form directly or you can attach a file.

Here’s the Contact Form,

Add our reference 174/2015/FOR

Tell your story

Dear Emily

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You will also find web links to the Contact Form on all PIP Action Campaign & PIPSLEAK social networks.

If you have been affected by the PIP fraud you are invited to take part.

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