Our Simple Guide: HELP & INFO* on PIP

Affected by criminally manufactured PIP breast implants? You will have questions!

You may find some answers in our Simple Guide to PIP.

As you know there’s nothing simple about PIP implants!  You  also know there is a lack of reliable information about them, or what to do if we have got them.  Some women are reporting health concerns after their PIP implants have been removed and have nowhere to turn.  Mothers with PIP have questions and genuine concerns which are not being addressed.


We are unsure whether some of our symptoms are linked to the toxic implants and there’s no-one to ask.   Often our experiences dont match the official version: in the UK health authorities are taking a financial view. They claim PIP are not harmful to health. Meanwhile thousands of women worldwide not only share the same concerns but many similar symptoms! Coincidence? Or, evidence of harm?

You may have been lucky enough to had a good clinic, an experienced surgeon, excellent after-care and no symptoms but this is far from true for the majority of women affected.

The criminal manufacturer, the notified body,  MHRA,  Department of Health, national distributor, some of our clinics or our surgeons in the UK may be playing down the concerns, they may be lying about them or they may have disappeared.

Our social networking group campaigns for truthful, evidence-based healthcare and future monitoring for women & children affected by criminal PIP implants.

Have PIP questions? Consult Our Simple Guide