Breast Implants and Women’s Health: A Silenced Epidemic

Restore basic human rights and prevent further harm to women.

“In the 90’s, studies uncovered a link between silicone breast implants and systemic illness. A connection was made linking human leukocyte antigen – the genetic component to our individual immune systems to an increased risk of reaction. Dangerously high levels of platinum circulated in these women with a clear entry point: the silicone shell. The removal of the device and the scar capsules surrounding them alone lead to improvement and recovery.

The medical community and government health authorities discounted the scientific evidence before them that could have prevented this public health tragedy from continuing as further generations of women became ill. That science represented the women and the health repercussions they endured.

From that day forward, women continued to suffer from neurological damage, autoimmune diseases, hair loss, chronic fatigue, infertility, as well as heart and lung conditions as a result of silicone based medical devices. They were misdiagnosed, disbelieved, and not given the medical intervention desperately needed to improve their health.”

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