A global investigation into medical device harm | Implant Files

This is a must-watch 2+minute video created by the ICIJ to highlight the problem with medical devices : breast implants, vaginal mesh, mesh used in breast reconstruction, hernia mesh, hip replacement joints, pacemakers, implanted contraceptive devices … this is the story that PIP should have exposed in 2010 when French police closed the PIP factory. It is part of our story.

PIP implants are a PUBLIC HEALTH scandal, large numbers of women and their babies have been injured & traumatised by ruptured and leaking implants. We are the tip of a dangerous iceberg involving all brands of breast implant which make many of us seriously ill. Women and babies exposed to PIP still face an uncertain future.
The International Consortium of Investigative journalists have taken up our battle to expose the industry and regulatory authorities to show that profit and greed not patient safety are driving the regulation of medical devices. And show that WHEN things GO WRONG, there is little or no help, no support, no information, no treatment guidelines, limited access to care, no monitoring, no research, no funding to help women get rid of PIP, no follow-up, no studies, no access to justice nor compensation. All because an EU FAKEscience report produced by interested/conflicted parties were engaged to protect the interests of an extremely lucrative industry. By falsely claiming PIP were NOT TOXIC and NOT CARCINOGENIC, a small handful of men stepped up to protect a dangerously out-of-control regulatory system and continue to allow further harm and injury to women with PIP and other brands of breast implant.
PIP women have had their health, patient, victim and consumer rights abused by the system that provides a secret curtain for manufacturers to hide their global businesses behind, with absolute authority, no accountability or transparency.
While the ICIJ media exposé is underway and forcing authorities to respond, we are mounting our biggest campaign for truth and justice to date.  Our Complaint against the European Commission is currently under investigation at the European Parliament. As usual, our efforts are being undermined by the forces of corruption deep at the heart of the political process. It’s made harder because of delays (fake or authentic, its hard to say) along with Brexit.
At this time a couple of British MEPs have responded to our call for help along with the European Ombudswoman, who has understood the concerns we have regarding PIP in the past and who is processing yet another complaint we have now filed against the Commission.
Here’s the 2+minute ICIJ video launching the IMPLANTfiles which gets straight to the point. In the coming days and weeks we want to encourage everyone to join with our campaign activities. As usual they will be a lot of fun and open to everyone to participate. We are a BIG part of the international campaign to protect others from harm and injury, and the campaign to secure access to the care and treatment and justice we deserve.
“A GLOBAL INVESTIGATION: Health authorities have failed to protect millions worldwide from poorly tested implants that can sicken, maim and kill…”