Women vs TÜV Rheinland

Women vs TÜV Rheinland

French Appeal Court finds in favour of TÜV the German regulator, saving TÜV a 9-figure sum in compensation due to PIP victims!

According to the French Appeal Court there was nothing TUV could have done …

REALLY? What nothing?

A phone call to FDA maybe? The FDA refused to license PIP in the USA following an inspection in 2000, during which ELEVEN MAJOR NON-CONFORMITIES WERE IDENTIFIED!

  “The body (TUV) has maintained it was never its job to check the actual implants, and their task was only to inspect the manufacturing process.

Inspect the manufacturing process?

A mini car weighs around a ton… NINE TONS of industrial silicone were found at PIP factory by the French Regulator and the police!

Those manufacturing inspections must have taken place while the TÜV inspectors eyes were closed!!!


The incredible verdict of the French Appeal Court is a SCANDAL!

A spokesperson for PIP Action Campaign said:

Incredibly, the French Appeal Court decision has provided TÜV an opportunity to bring legal action against victims to return a preliminary compensation award made by the French Magistrates Court to enable women to have the dangerous implants surgically removed from their bodies!

It’s unbelievable!



TÜV has never expressed concern for the women affected by the PIP fraud. It has, however, committed enormous resources to defend the indefensible! Women with ruptured PIP implants have died! Many, many thousands more women have suffered unimaginable pain, trauma and injuries.  Lawyers for TÜV argued the regulator was also a victim of the PIP fraud and the French Appeal Court agreed! The 75yr-old Jean-Claude Mas the criminal mastermind behind PIP was able to operate under the radar of TÜV’s regulatory vigilance for over a decade!  Police statements and records show how JC Mas, with no scientific or medical training, was able to dupe TÜV manufacturing inspectors with little more than a photocopier!

TÜV are responsible for granting a CE license enabling PIP to sell its fraudulent implants around the world without so much as a SINGLE product test!

A PIP Action Campaign member said

Regulatory failures in human health matters have catastrophic consequences for the lives of the victims and their families. It is of public concern that such a fraud, perpetrated over such a long period, within full site of one of the world’s largest regulators is not found lacking by the French Appeal Court. Obviously, we are expecting the supreme court in France will ensure the French legal system comes to its senses!