UK Statistical press notice: PIP breast implants

Published: September 14, 2012 by the Department of Health:

Latest monthly PIP implant data 

(covering the period 6th January to 31stAugust  2012)

The point at which the NHS offer is completed will vary according to the circumstances of each woman. Some women will simply want reassurance, others will decide after clinical advice to have their implants explanted by the NHS.

via Statistical press notice: PIP breast implants | Media Centre.

Here,s a statistic for you … anyone affected by fraudulent PIP Implants knows that this statistical data is about costs and not about care, or treatment, or health, or truthleast of all transparency!

No one is clear about the “NHS Offer” even the Department of Transparency.  The point at which the “NHS offer” is completed is, as we know, the point at which British women are denied access to treatment … often at their GP surgeries.

We are bitterly disappointed that in the same week the French and Belgian Regulators published data on the of numbers of ruptures, gel bleeds, inflammatory responses, cancer and preventative explants in women with PIP implants, in Britain the Department of Health publishes numbers that relate to costs, only hinting at the numbers of women who are still unaware they have TOXIC PIP Implants and no mention of the genuine health problems women are facing.

What happens when TOXIC PIP implants rupture or leak in the body?

You simply want reassurance?