Your Invite to ProjectMOVIEā˜†

šŸŽ„ PIP Action’s Campaign for TRUTH & JUSTICE

This is a personal invitation to everyone we know to take part in ProjectMOVIE.

All you have to do is make a video on your phone reading a single paragraph from the letter we sent to the Ombudswoman on the 3rd November 2017.Ā  Itā€™s a 6-page letter so we need plenty of volunteers. We plan to edit the paragraphs together to create a video version of our letter to get our message across to the media & authorities. The video letter outlines the case we want the Ombudswoman to refer to the European Court of Justice: our case against the European Commission and the CE Mark.

We want ProjectMOVIE to be our most compelling and successful campaigns so far. We want to show we are serious about demanding our rights to fair treatment. We need access to diagnostics and biopsies, we need options for treatment. We need monitoring and research, we want to be able to access accurate information about PIP and to know that Doctors and Surgeons are also kept informed and encouraged to share information to ensure that we receive the right diagnostics, the best treatment and the most appropriate on-going follow-up.

Where is the dignity we have the right to expect? We should be on a register. We need to know they can contact us if thereā€™s anything we should be notified of in the future. And, we deserve to be compensated for the pain, injuries and trauma we have suffered.

We have been waiting for a response from the European Commission to our Ombudsman Complaint of 2015, it arrived last week. The European Commission’s Scientific committee says not even a review of the new evidence can be justified. So, we have only one place to go now, and thatā€™s to the European Court of Justice and with your help and by taking part in the making of the video we are taking the next step on the road to justice for women around the globe.

PIP Action Campaign’s 3 November 2017 Letter to the EU Ombudswoman & ProjectMOVIEā˜† script here:Ā 2017 Ombudswoman.

Please get in touch if you would like to participate.

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