The SCENIHR Fallacy & the MHRA

The SCENIHR Fallacy & the MHRA

“MHRA published a statement on 21 July 2006 concluding that there is no clinical evidence that these effects occur after implantation of metal hips and there is no evidence to suggest that this poses a significant health risk…”

They were wrong in 2006

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) today (23 May 2014) shared the final European report about the safety of the fraudulently manufactured PIP silicone breast implants that concludes that there are no convincing medical, toxicological or other data to justify routine removal of intact PIP implants.

The MHRA has the same problem assessing evidence today as it did in 2006.

Why does the MHRA have so much influence in Scientific Committees in the European Commission?

Could it be the same experts work for the MHRA’s Committee of the Safety of Devices AND the SCENIHR?

Like the health regulators and authorities in France, Germany, Hungary, Sweden and Spain; physicians, surgeons and victims internationally question the logic of a Scientific Committee which has not recommended the preventative removal of fraudulent non-compliant implants.

The consequences for the victims of a shocking international health fraud are unimaginable!

Why would a national health and safety regulator put so many women at risk of longer more complicated surgery? Expect her to live with toxic silicone gels in her body? Why would they fail to monitor and test women and children affected?

Unless … they had something to hide!