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The toxic chemicals in the fraudulent shells and fillers of PIP breast Implants seep out into surrounding body tissue, migrate into body organs, can cross the placenta and can be found in breast milk.

These toxic chemicals make women very sick and many report debilitating symptoms directly linked to silicone toxicity.

“It’s not a debate about cosmetic surgery …
It’s a serious health problem
Women affected by PIP implants want justice.
In silence we must live with our pain…
The anguish of the scandal
Robbed of rights, uncertainty
Fear, helplessness and loneliness.
Humiliated for defending our dignity
Here is the reality no-ones sees
that others caused.”

Video & Narrative: Evalapeke ANAP España 

Women everywhere with TOXIC PIP implants are suffering, they are being poisoned, they are frightened, anxious and in pain. We want our governments to recognise the crisis and change policies which prevent access to the health care & treatment women desperately need. The WHO/OMS has recognised the PIP Implant scandal as a Health Crisis. Health Crisis Funding is necessary to help the large numbers of women and children affected into urgent, healthcare, treatment and on-going monitoring.
Wherever you are in the world, please read, sign & share our petition. Thank you
Source: Petition · Toxic PIP Implants: World Health Crisis ·