Aurora Clinics treats 50th patient with ruptured PIPs

Latest data reveals even higher proportion of PIP breast implants ruptured than previously thought

Since the PIP breast implants scandal broke, with many women found to have received implants made from cheap non-medical grade silicone (most often used in mattresses), Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards of Aurora Clinics has personally replaced PIP implants for many worried women.

In order to help with wider research efforts, though Aurora Clinics has never used PIPs on any patients, the clinic has been keeping records of all patients who have come to Aurora for PIP removal and replacement. The data recorded includes implant serial numbers and the incidence of gel bleed and rupture.

The last published stats, in June this year, revealed a very high rupture rate of almost 17%. This figure was already pretty shocking – being several times higher than either the French government (5%) or IHAS (1-2%) had suggested.

But the latest PIP data from Aurora Clinics now shows an even higher rate of rupture.

Aurora Clinics treats 50th patient with ruptured PIPs | Cision Wire.