SCENIHR PIP Public Consultation

SCENIHR PIP Public Consultation


Public Consultation

Deadline: 03 January 2014

You can view the PIP Action Campaign submission to the SCENIHR PIP Public Consultation here.

Criminally NON COMPLIANT PIP Implants have failed to meet the essential requirements referred to in Article 3; Article 8; Article 10; Article 14b, Article 15 (6)  and ANNEX I ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS I. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS  of the COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 93/42/EEC 

The Victims' Perspective of global health fraud

PIP Action Campaign has taken part in the SCENIHR PIP Public Consultation representing the views of the Campaign's members.  Click on the image to read PIP Action Campaign's  response to the issues raised by the Public Consultation. SCENIHR FUAaaa PIP Action Campaign is a social networking support & campaign group for victims .