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We have a webpage and blogs, we have a presence on Twitter and on Facebook.  We are linked to victims groups & independent medical professionals globally. We are most active on our 'closed' Facebook group PIP Action Campaign where victims are able to discuss issues of concern amongst each other - AND its our campaigning HQ! If you have been affected by the PIP health fraud please request to join. We also have a public Facebook PIP Action Campaign Page which is accessible to anyone with concerns about our care and treatment.  You can join in on Facebook or check in for our regular updates here!  

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⚠️Reporting ADVERSE EVENTS & why it's so important -------------------------------------------------------- Adverse event reporting is supposed to help the health & safety regulators identify potential problems. Not enough reports were being made all the time PIP were being used. Most women have no idea they are able to report adverse events linked with their implants. But if we dont report our bleeds, ruptures, our lymph node surgeries and symptoms, the health authorities and the government will continue to ignore us and our symptoms. If you have experienced an adverse effect you associate with your PIP or other implants, please report it and ask your GP and/or surgeon to do the same. If you received any diagnosis while you had PIP, please report it. Observations during pregnancy or breastfeeding and any health concerns in children while you had PIP implants, please report them. Get them on the record. Report any adverse events you believe may be associated with your implants and any diagnoses you had while you had PIP implants or after even if you dont think there is any connection to your implants. Report all ruptures and leaks, any swollen, painful lymph nodes, gel bleeds, breast pain, swelling, hardening, infections, seromas as well. Get your PIP serial numbers out and report away. Thanks everyone ♥ together we can make a difference! In the UK Report ADVERSE EVENTS to MHRA using this link In France report adverse events to ANSM In Australia report adverse events to TGA In Germany report adverse events to Bfarm In the USA report adverse events to FDA In Sweden report adverse events to MPA In the Netherlands report adverse events to IGZ Please google your national regulatory authority shown above or refer to your Medical Devices Regulatory authority if your country is not shown here.

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