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We have a webpage and blogs, we have a presence on Twitter and on Facebook.  We are linked to victims groups & independent medical professionals globally. We are most active on our 'closed' Facebook group PIP Action Campaign where victims are able to discuss issues of concern amongst each other - AND its our campaigning HQ! If you have been affected by the PIP health fraud please request to join. We also have a public Facebook PIP Action Campaign Page which is accessible to anyone with concerns about our care and treatment.  You can join in on Facebook or check in for our regular updates here!  

This comes from Labour's Manifesto for the UKGeneral Election on the 8th of June. Women in the UK need a PUBLIC INQUIRY into PIP, metal on metal hips, surgical mesh and essure the contraceptive device and Valproate the anti-epilespy drug. These devices and medicines cause Women and in some cases babies, untold harm, injury, suffering and trauma.

If, like us, you think a Public Inquiry is needed in the UK, please use your vote on June 8th and VOTE LABOUR✽

You will find this and everything you need to know about Labour's plans for UK here in their manifesto.

And dont forget this: the Tory government chooses to make us suffer! Denying concerns over PIP implants, failing to implement a registry, failure to recommend the removal of PIP implants, ignoring concerns we have for our children and denying the truth about breast implant illness & cancer. Letting surgeons & clinics walk away from their responsibilities to us, making sure we have no consumer protections, victims rights or compensation.

In a Public Inquiry the truth will come out! Join us VOTE LABOUR✽
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Hello Everyone! ✽ Please put your legal questions to your legal representative. This is the ONLY way of making certain you obtain the correct/accurate information regarding YOUR individual claim. Regrettably WE ARE UNABLE to provide legal advice in the group and have to delete comments that contain information that cannot be verified & may be misleading.
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2 weeks ago  ·  

Today 20,000 women exposed to PIP implants have been delivered a victory in the French Appeal court ⚖ YAY ... See MoreSee Less

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