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YellowhandsheartA.jpg We are a small active campaign group whose members are all affected by NON-COMPLIANT silicone breast implants.  We are members and admins of other much larger support groups.  We all share the same objective: Justice for all those affected by the international PIP scandal. Because we are sick and tired most of the time, we need plenty of rest!  But when we are feeling angry about the way we are being treated... we log on and campaign! The current focus of our campaign is to :
  • ensure urgent care and treatment, after-care, future on-going care and life-long monitoring of all those affected by toxic chemicals in unauthorised silicone, not fit for human use, criminally manufactured by PIP.
  • make a legal challenge to the Keogh Expert Group Report (18 June 2012) which has had a shocking impact on the care and treatment of women in Britain.
  • to bring us into line with the rest of Europe, where women can expect a much higher standard of care, treatment and regulation.
  • provide support to all those affected.
British women affected by PIP implants have not received any support or counselling, there has been no advice line, no publications, no help, neither the Department of Health nor MHRA have taken any responsibility.

Thanks for your support. ♥

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